Tricky Treat

Tricky Treat

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Comedy suitable for both children and adults’ shows is hard to come by, but here is a proven winner, ideal for all occasions and a guaranteed ice-breaker with any audience.

A volunteer from your audience is given five large envelopes to shuffle and cut, you then explain that inside each one is a picture card with a different treat on each, the spectator has to eliminate four of these and the last envelope will be the treat they will receive – guaranteed!

Four of the envelopes are now eliminated by the spectator in a very fair manner and each opened in turn but, oh dear, no one in their right mind would ever want the so called ‘treats’ on offer, such as a visit to the dentist or a custard pie in their face!

Finally, the participant is down to the last envelope and you assure him he will definitely get the treat pictured and named inside; imagine his relief when he receives ‘Lots of applause and cheers’ from the entire audience!

An ideal way of thanking a participant for his help in a previous trick, suitable for audiences aged from six to one hundred and six. A special children’s routine is included. Easy to do – in fact it is almost self-working.

Comes complete with laminated picture cards (approx 8 x 5.75”, 20 x 14.5cm) & instructions.

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