Famous Magicians

Famous Magicians

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Based on an idea by Stewart James this is both a puzzling and entertaining feature for close-up or small audiences.

You lay a laminated prediction card face down upon a table, the back of which shows the shoulders of a man but with a question mark where his head should be, the question is, whose picture is on the opposite side of the card?

A Famous Men of Mystery list is now shown, and one is chosen, either by your spectator freely choosing a playing card and that number being selected or giving you the number of their birthday month.

Incredibly when the picture is turned over your prediction names & shows the same selected famous performer!

The effect is immediately repeated with another number or playing card chosen and you explain as you place a second prediction card down that this time you have predicted the most famous showman of more recent times.

It turns out to be YOU the performer that is so freely selected and when you turn over the prediction card, there is your face for all to see; a great surprise laugh finish that will appeal to all your fans bringing you lots of kudos and applause.

We provide all the laminated cards that makes this unusual trick possible, you just need to attach your photograph to one of them and you will have a baffling novel effect to carry in your pocket and perform anywhere – anytime!

Comes with laminated picture cards (approx 5.5 x 4", 14.25 x 10cm) & instructions. Use your own deck of playing cards.

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