Auto Mis-Match

Auto Mis-Match

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Effects that seem to go wrong but work out right in the end are always popular with magicians & their audiences which is why we feel sure you will enjoy performing this terrific close-up trick.

You show two matching sets of poker-sized ESP cards each consisting of a Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square, Star and Half Moon explaining how these are used to test someone’s extra sensory perception.

One set is put aside and a gentleman hides it from view with his hand, while you show a lady how to randomly deal the ESP cards and she does so to her heart’s content.

The order of her cards is now checked symbol by symbol against the ones hidden under the gentlemen’s hand, but there is not a single match in any pair of cards – your trick seems like a complete failure.

“Hang on!” you say, “I never said the symbols would match, please turn each pair of cards over and check their opposite sides.” The lady does so to find six sets of different coloured matching cars and the sets of cards are in perfect matching pairs, as you explain, “It was a test in auto-suggestion!” Bringing the effect to a jaw-dropping climax!

Very easy-to-do with a great finish. Please note this is NOT a spelling trick. Resets in a moment and perfect for table-hopping, cards are laminated for long life.

Comes with the twelve ESP-style cards (approx 4 x 2.75”, 10 x 5.5cm) each with a colourful picture of a car on its opposite side & instructions

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