1, 2, 3, Scam

1, 2, 3, Scam

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Here is a fun game where the magician is always the winner, it can be performed impromptu with a borrowed box of matches or as a set piece using intriguing small props.

I’ll describe it with a box of matches. You empty the matches into a clean ashtray and explain the game. You and a volunteer can take either 1, 2 or 3 matches from the pile in turn, and the person who takes the last match is the winner. Needless to say, YOU are the winner every time!

You can even let the spectator choose whether you go first or if they take the first go - yet you still win.

Even when you tell them how it is done or play against a fellow magician who knows the secret, you always win.

Play the game for fun or to decide who will pay for the next round of drinks and so on and you win every time!

This is a real gem and a great fun item for dinner parties, clubs, even down at the local public house - indeed every social occasion. It’s also ideal as a caution to people not to play games with strangers!

No skill required just the clever secret which is what we are offering here at a low pocket money price, worth every penny in mystery and fun.

Exclusive booklet is post FREE in the UK. Overseas to save you postage this can be sent direct to you in box; but if you prefer the booklet then please add £5.00 for the postage to your country

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