Everyone Do as I Do

Everyone Do as I Do

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This is a very clever ‘Do as I Do’ effect, wherein a spectator who closely watches you & duplicates your every action ends up with a different result no matter how many times you repeat it! Ideal for any occasion, can be carried in your wallet ready to perform for both adults & children.

You each have five playing cards and these are turned face up and face down alternatively, with the spectator exactly following every action that you make.

At the end all your cards are the same way up, but the spectator always has one card facing the wrong way - face-upwards.

You can repeat it, and the more you do so the more confounded they become.

If you wish you can pass out sets of five cards to everyone in your audience and no one is able to ‘Do as I Do!” Eddie’s useful publicity ploy is also explained in our instructions.

Should you be entertaining at a birthday party, a wedding or similar event you can ‘hypnotise’ the special person, so they successfully succeed where the rest of the audience fail!

Can also be presented as a pseudo-hypnotic experiment where the subject is influenced NOT to be able to carry out the simple task of following your lead.

Comes complete with ten quality Bicycle poker-sized playing cards & instructions. If you intend to use more people, then use your own extra deck of cards.

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