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Stunning routines using jumbo cards! Easy to do and BIG on impact, we supply a set of fifteen playing cards, 3.5 x 4.75 inches, twice the size of regular poker cards, with which you can perform with loads of audience participation & mostly you don’t even handle the cards at all.

Part 1: The jumbo cards are thoroughly shuffled by an audience member and you do not touch them again, he then simply thinks of any card in the pack of fifteen, changing his mind if he so wishes. The spectator now loses the freely thought of card among the others and then deals them face down one by one upon a table.

Suddenly you call out Stop, ask the spectator to name his card and then turn over the one in his hand – it is the very card he has just named! No marked cards or special set-up required.

Part 2: You correctly find a jumbo playing card that another spectator is merely concentrating on without ever seeing the faces of any cards. This feat seems quite impossible, but the method is both simple and a guaranteed miracle!

Part 3: A little mentally drained after performing these two stunners with jumbo cards, you say that you will let a spectator become the magician and do the magic and so you shuffle the cards then hand them to him. Following your instructions, he has you select a card and remember it, you do so but since you are fatigued you write the name of the card down.

After one or two false starts your spectator turns up the very card you are thinking of that matches your written reminder exactly, bringing the routine to an amazing & baffling climax.

These tricks are all easy to do requiring no sleight of hand or marked cards and make up an entertaining sequence that builds with each effect.

Comes complete with fifteen unfaked jumbo playing cards (3.5 x 4.75”) & instructions.

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