Crazy Jumbo Prediction

Crazy Jumbo Prediction

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As featured by the inimitable Tommy Cooper, two jumbo-sized playing cards are placed faces down in full view and two further cards are selected by member of your audience from a regular sized deck.

The magician (that’s you) then names the suit of each card correctly as Diamonds and Clubs, but then requests one spectator to halve the value of his Club card while the other participant doubles the value of her Diamond card.

However, when the first spectator announces that his card is the Three & a half of Clubs and the second participant announces her card as the Fourteen of Diamonds it becomes clear to the audience that the magician is in trouble!

But all’s well that ends well for when the two jumbo prediction cards are revealed one is the Three & a Half of Clubs while the other is clearly the Fourteen of Diamonds! A BIG surprise creating laughter and applause from even the hardest of audiences.

Comes with two laminated jumbo comedy cards (8 x 5.25") & instructions. Use your own regular deck of playing cards.

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