ESP Mirage - JUMBO size

ESP Mirage - JUMBO size

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Based on Eddie’s Your Zodiac Sign this is a devastating prediction effect, first released in the 1970s and now even better than ever.

You show the backs and fronts of ten ESP Zenner cards, consisting of two each of the following signs; Circle, Cross, Square, Wavy Lines and Star as featured in the telepathic experiments by Dr. Rhine of Duke University in America, together with an examined black card-holder.

Any spectator thinks of any ESP symbol and please note they tell no one which sign they are thinking of, nothing is written down or whispered, no force, it is a free mental selection, they really do just think of any symbol.

Apparently reading their mind, you insert one single card face down into the card-holder then put the other set of five signs face up into the card-holder. Please note the card-holder genuinely has only these six cards within, no double lifts or sticky stuff is involved.

Slowly you remove the five individual signs one by one leaving your single prediction symbol still inside the card-holder then the spectator reveals their freely thought of sign for the very first time, let’s say they thought of the Cross.

Slowly and carefully you tip out the single isolated ESP card from the card-holder revealing your prediction which incredibly is the very same symbol that the spectator has been merely concentrating on!

The card-holder can immediately be examined without a clue to your mystery. The effect is easy to do and will leave a lasting impression on your audiences. Colours of symbols in picture may vary.

Comes with ten laminated ESP jumbo A 5 sized cards, card-holder & instructions.

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