Witch Cat - GIANT size

Witch Cat - GIANT size

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Just remade and better than ever! Here is a great fun routine that you can add right into your children’s show, easy to perform plus very entertaining for both children & adults.

You display three large picture cards consisting of a witch’s hat, a witch’s broomstick and also a witch’s cat, telling a story of a very kind witch called Winnie, explaining that she had changed her two sisters into a Broomstick & Hat for stealing the children’s sweeties, and had also accidentally changed herself into a black Cat!

You place all three cards into a folder that boldly says Magic SMELL on one side and Magic SPELL on the other side. There is lots of fun here when you can never get the title of the folder correct.

As you tell your story, you clearly and openly remove the Hat picture and the Broomstick then ask the children to name which picture is left inside, they call, “Witch’s cat!” But no, you claim that you have made the cat disappear!

To prove this you let the back of the Magic SPELL folder drop open, but the children are not so easily fooled as they can see a picture sticking out of the side and they are not hesitant in telling you so, but you eventually show that this is a picture of a streak of lightening left there by the cat when it vanished!

Not fooled, the children demand to see the other side of the lightening card, and there is more audience participation here as you hesitate to do as they bid.

All turns out right in the end when you show that the witch’s Cat has magically changed into Winnie the Witch, for your applause-pulling finale.

Comes complete with laminated picture cards (approx 10.5 x 8.75", 27 x 19.5cm), folder & instructions.

Overseas please note: Due to weight and size this may attract extra postage to your country.

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