Multiplying Bananas Low-cost

Multiplying Bananas Low-cost

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It’s time to go bananas! We supply two soft PVC bananas that you can use as Multiplying Bananas and in many other fun routines.

Start by taking a banana from your grocery bag, then magically produce one banana, then another, then another, dropping them all into the bag or if you prefer a hat or a box.

At the end, you can make all the bananas disappear!

This is a quality pair of bananas made of a soft PVC plastic material that you can crush, bend and easily conceal in a normal-sized hand, yet when released they spring into a banana shape so that from a short distance they look like the real thing. They should last you for years with care.

You can also use these bananas as props to produce in unexpected ways, for example, reach into a spectator's jacket or pocket and pull out a banana or two, saying, “I see you brought your own lunch with you to the show!” Or drop them into a bag and then crumple it up to prove that the bananas have vanished!

Please note this pair DOES NOT include the small bananas which can be found elsewhere on our website called 'Multiplying Sponge Bananas PLUS!' with two large & four small bananas.

Comes with TWO quality Bananas (approx 7", 17.75cm long) & instructions.

Only £10.99

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