Rainbow Cards Surprise

Rainbow Cards Surprise

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One of the BEST effects ever with classic rainbow cards. Showing two sets of eight rainbow-backed playing cards, one set face up and the other set face down, a spectator mixes one set.

Another spectator now chooses one of the two sets and this is also thoroughly mixed.

When the cards from both sets are turned over consecutively, they are supposed to match each other, but unfortunately, they don’t. It seems that your trick has gone hopelessly wrong.

However, when the backs of the cards are checked the colourful pictures on each set are a perfect match!

Whatever your presentation style, Rainbow Cards Surprise is a guaranteed audience-pleaser and remarkably easy to do. Can also be presented as a test of romantic compatibility between two people. All the cards can be examined at each stage of the trick as they are unfaked.

Comes with 16 quality rainbow-backed playing cards & instructions.

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