Elephant in the Pigsty

Elephant in the Pigsty

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This is a wonderful effect for your young audiences that will bring screams of delight whenever you perform it, and it’s so easy to do!

You show six cartoon A5 pictures of your pigs which you claim live in a pigsty at your home, giving each one a name Pinkie, Perky, Porky, Pepper, Priscila and Poppy; it is clear you only have six picture cards, and each is freely shown front and back.

You say you will now show the pictures once again to see if the children remember the pigs’ names and encouraging the children to call each one you are surprised when the children call out, “Elephant!” and you remind them that it is not one of the names.

However, the children explain that they saw a picture of an elephant amongst the pigs, but when you check there are just six pigs and no sign of an elephant.

The above sequence can be repeated as often as you wish, with the children insisting there is an elephant, but you can never find him – it’s loads of fun.

Eventually, you do discover the elusive elephant and decide to make him disappear, however, despite several attempts you just cannot get him to vanish – that is until the children help you by saying the correct magic words.

In fact, the magic words vanish him so completely that now you cannot find him at all but thankfully he does turn up in the most unexpected place just in time for the children to give him some enthusiastic applause for performing his magic!

No double lifts, pockets, sticky stuff, double-sided cards, rough & smooth or anything similar used. Very easy to do.

Comes complete with seven laminated picture cards (7.75 x 5.75”, 19.5 x 14.5cm) & instructions.

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