Animal Fun

Animal Fun

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A thoroughly entertaining routine for both children & adults! Most performers know the value of tricks with lots of audience participation. Animal Fun is based on our popular item Masks & you will find that it has fantastic interest & plays really well for even the youngest of children.

You show a card folder which you explain contains your prediction and this is left in full view, you never touch it again.

One by one you introduce six different animal-style face masks and invite six members of your audience forwards to wear them. There is lots of fun here as you ask each child questions about themselves and then hand them a mask suitable for their personality.

You then ask each to make the noise of their chosen creature while wearing their face mask, allowing the audience to join in.

One by one five of the masks are eliminated by spectators until only one child remains wearing the last mask. You pick up your prediction folder holding it in front of your face for a moment, when lowered you are seen to be wearing the exact match of the one remaining mask! The file can be shown empty (and it really is). A wonderful novel & engaging effect.

No words can do justice to the fantastic reaction you will get every time you perform Animal Fun; it has excitement, interest & loads of audience participation.

Both adults & children will be just as amazed & baffled as to how you correctly predicted the selected face mask. Perfect for your stand-up shows at any time of the year.

Comes complete with seven animal face masks (average size 7 x 6”, 18 x 15cm), prediction folder & instructions.

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