Ghost Train

Ghost Train

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Something spookily different for your children’s shows! Children love to be scared and enjoy stories about apparitions, you will have them on the edge of their seats with this audience participation effect concerning four children on a Ghost Train.

You show four individual pictures of children who are to take a ride at their local fairground on the Ghost Train, there is loads of audience participation as the children make spooky train noises while you mix the four pictures together.

Suddenly the train stops and inexplicably a picture of a phantom has appeared among the pictures of the boys and girls (or one child has changed into one) – it’s both scary & crazy!

This sequence happens four times; each time the train stops a different spooky spirit appears during this mysterious journey. You of course are scared by these strange happenings while the children just love every minute of it!

The Ghost Train ride eventually comes to an end, but you are being ultra-careful and still very afraid, asking the children to become Ghost Busters and say your magic words to make all the spooks disappear, which they do, and all the four spectres have vanished without a trace; leaving you with the pictures of the four brave children who enjoyed the supernatural Ghost Train.

But your troubles are not over yet, because when you turn your back to the audience, they see another phantom picture on your back which chases you all over the performance area as your hilarious climax; leaving a delighted audience who have all enjoyed their scary Ghost Train adventure!

No double lifts, pockets, sticky stuff, double-sided cards, rough & smooth or anything similar used. Very easy to do.

Comes complete with A5 jumbo size laminated cards (approx 7.5 x 5.25”, 18.5 x 13.5cm) & instructions.

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