Red Hot Mamma

Red Hot Mamma

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Showing a regular deck of blue-backed playing cards front & back these are shuffled, and a spectator freely chooses any card (no force), remembers its name & places it back in the pack at any point he wishes, and the deck mixed yet again.

You pass your hand mysteriously across the pack saying that you will magically cause the freely chosen card to be a ‘Red-Hot Mamma!’

The deck is now spread out faces down and one card is seen to have a red back among all the other blue-backed cards and when this card is turned face upwards it proves to be the very self-same card freely selected by the spectator.

Offering to show the effect once more the red-back card is discarded face down on the table and another playing card is selected by a spectator from the blue-backed pack. Again, you mysteriously pass your hand over the deck and spread them face down but this time none of the cards have a red back and this proves to be the case after further attempts.

Perplexed, you request the spectator to turn over the first red-backed card which has remained in full view throughout, “OMG,” incredibly this has mysteriously changed from the first selected card to the second selected card in an applause pulling climax! The pack is unfaked and can be used for other tricks.

Comes with instructions. Use your own deck of playing cards.

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