Name that Baby - Elvis - JUMBO A5 size

Name that Baby - Elvis - JUMBO A5 size

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Yes, we have all performed & loved this trick and so have our audiences; it’s a guaranteed laughter-maker, and now has a terrific NEW climax!

You show a folder that is left in full view as your prediction. A number of cards are now shown to have the names of various film & entertainment stars (mostly dead), and one of these is selected in a very fair manner.

The chosen name is announced – let us say it is “Elvis Presley”. Taking up the prediction you say, “Wouldn’t you be amazed if this card had a picture of Elvis on it? well it does. It’s a picture of Elvis when he was six months old!”

So saying, the card is lifted up out of the folder and shown to be a picture of a cute looking baby and the folder is shown otherwise empty!

After the groans this always produces you add, “I can see that you don’t believe this is Elvis – well see for yourself – his picture is printed on the opposite side!” So, saying the baby picture is now turned around and imagine your audience’s surprise when it indeed has a picture of Elvis, the King of rock & roll!

It’s a super comedy-prediction applause cue that brings the house down every time! It’s also a startling magical climax to a superb comedy mental routine. Another Mr. E comedy winner that is easy to do. Packs neatly at the bottom of your case and is always ready to perform!

Comes with name cards, laminated pictures, folder & instructions, in a choice of two sizes: A4 size for larger audiences and A5 JUMBO size for parlour & close-up.

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