Devil's Dictionary

Devil's Dictionary

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A prediction envelope is left in full view and a regular pocket-sized dictionary is shown to contain thousands of entries, a spectator is given a free choice by calling stop (no force) as you thumb through the leaves. The chosen page is then marked by placing a playing card into the dictionary at that point.

The spectator now notes the page number and a word on that page while you divert your eyes, then the dictionary is closed and given directly to the spectator to hold safely in their own hands (no switch).

Slowly you read the spectator’s mind and correctly reveal the chosen word, the spectator is then asked to open the dictionary, which has never left their hands, at the correct page number, they do so to find the chosen leaf has been mysteriously torn out and has completely vanished from the volume.

Your prediction envelope which has been in view from the start is opened by anyone (no switches, fake or slit envelopes) and is found to hold the missing page, but there is more, when it is checked with the dictionary the torn edge left inside the book exactly matches up with the torn chosen page – a stunning miracle type effect!

You can make this up in twenty minutes using your own simple everyday properties available from any book or stationary shop and despite the incredible impact it is fairly easy to do. Dictionary, torn page and envelope can be left with the audience for examination without a clue to your mystery.

Comes with illustrated instructions in our Mr E booklet which also explains how to do the effect with a larger dictionary - very useful for cabaret & stage.

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