Indian Rope Trick - Jumbo

Indian Rope Trick - Jumbo

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Suitable for all ages from 5 years to 95 years young!

“No doubt you have all heard of the Indian Rope Trick where the fakir causes the rope to stand on end, then a small boy climbs up the rope and vanishes from the top – yes? Well I can’t do that one!”

Instead you show a A5 size laminated picture of an Indian boy climbing a rope and in a flash with a magic word you make him disappear then just as quickly make him reappear once again, repeating it a couple of times.

However, the trouble is that your audience are not impressed and accuse you of just turning the picture around and they demand to see the back of the picture.

Now follows the usual fun where you seem to be stalling and avoiding revealing the opposite side. Eventually, you explain that if you show the other side it will spoil the trick for everyone as they will know where the boy goes when he disappears, but your audience are insistent and so you show them that, “When the boy vanishes, he goes out for his lunch!”

You turn the picture around and the boy has gone leaving a large colourful sign hanging on the rope that reads, ‘OUT TO LUNCH!’

The routine is similar to the classic pocket trick called Out to Lunch (available on our website) but this easy-to-do method is totally different and large enough for parlour, parties, table-hopping, stage & cabaret shows. Resets in a moment.

Comes complete with the special A5 laminated picture card & instructions.

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