Colour Changing Plumes to Bouquet - Economy Model

Colour Changing Plumes to Bouquet - Economy Model

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This delightful mini effect will put some colour into your close-up, children's and parlour shows.

You display a pair of feather plumes, one red and one yellow together with a piece of paper, saying you will attempt the famous colour changing plume effect.

The paper is rolled into a tube large enough for just the feather part of the plum, the RED plume is slipped inside and you ask the audience to call out their favourite colours producing a variety of responses, blue, yellow and so forth.

You get confused and change the red plume into a bouquet of many colours.

Determined to get it correct your push the YELLOW plume into the tube and ask someone their favourite colour then magically changing the yellow plume into a RED one, which if this wasn't their favourite colour then it turns out of be your lovely assistant's favourite shade.

The paper is then unrolled and shown to be empty!

This pretty prop is a bargain low-price economy model.

Comes with Colour Changing Plumes to Bouquet (approx 8", 20cm long) & instructions.

Only £7.99

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