Crazy Reluctant Balloons

Crazy Reluctant Balloons

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Comedy magic at its BEST! No matter if you entertain children or adults this is a must-have item guaranteed to put laughter into your shows!

You display a small tray that holds three balloons and then have a playing card chosen that you claim will vanish from the deck and reappear in any of the three balloons freely selected by an audience member.

There may be trouble ahead for one of the balloons slowly deflates as you are speaking, then as you promise to do the trick with the two other balloons a second one flies up into the air like a rocket – wow!

Only one balloon remains when suddenly to your utter consternation that goes BANG leaving you searching for the missing card on the tray. Your audience cries that it is now magically hanging from below the tray bringing your card-in-balloon mystery to a laughter-pulling finish!

Use it for your children’s shows with colourful picture cards with the children saying your magic word to burst the last balloon and all the fun when you pretend you don’t know that the card is beneath the tray, while the children are screaming their heads off to tell you!

Comes with the specially gimmicked Crazy Reluctant Balloon Tray (approx 17.25, 43.25cm long) & instructions. Use your own balloons.

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