Cloning King - Jumbo

Cloning King - Jumbo

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An amazing jumbo sized Find The King trick.

You fan out three playing cards; two are Ten of Clubs and one is the King of Hearts. You shuffle the cards and ask a spectator to find the King. The spectator fails, as the three cards in in your hands are now shown as THREE Tens.

You then take the missing King from your pocket.

You then mix the King with the three Tens, fan out the cards and once more the King has vanished leaving FOUR Tens.

You now take out a fifth card and lay it face down upon the table and again ask the spectator to find the King. The spectator, not to be fooled this time, points to the face down card on the table. The magician turns this over showing it also is a Ten.

When the spectator says the King is in your hand, you reveal that the only King has cloned himself and all the other tens have become Kings, one of each suit!

Comes with laminated jumbo sized playing cards (approx 6.5 x 4.25", 16.5 x11cm) & illustrated instructions.

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