The Sympathetic Silks by Lewis Ganson

The Sympathetic Silks by Lewis Ganson

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Colourful, visual magic - certainly The Sympathetic Silks is a real classic of effects with silk. Performed by most of the old top-of-the-bill magicians on the variety stages around the world, it can be just as big a hit today as it was then.

You show and count out six silks in various colours. Three of these are placed down on a chair, and the remaining three are tied end to end and then gathered together.

You make a magical pass and show that the silks in your hands have become magically separated and their knots have vanished.

Throwing the silks on the chair high in the air, they are now seen to be tied together end to end.

Another magical pass and the silks are all found to be separate as at the start!

This pictorially illustrated 16-page booklet teaches everything you need to know about sympathetic silk tying, untying, knots and more. A true classic of magic seldom if ever seen these days. Use your own silks, we suggest 24 or 36 inches square for a big colourful display.

We just have a small number of copies in stock; these are the remains of the original Ganson Teach-in Series published by Supreme Magic Company when they were trading as the largest Magic Dealers in the world.

Comes with The Sympathetic Silks 16-page booklet (approx 9.75 x 7.5", 24.5 x 18.5cm) with black & white photographs throughout. The cover of the books has become very slightly 'tanned' but the pages within are white and perfect. Use your own silks.

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