MadHatter Cards

MadHatter Cards

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The perfect effect when table-hopping or similar when you find young children amongst the guests, perhaps even the birthday child.

It happens to us all, we are performing our card tricks and there are small children present who also want to see some magic. With the Mad Hatter Cards in your pocket you are always ready for such occasions – even a birthday child.

You show six laminated picture cards fanning them showing they are blank on both sides, then counting them in a row on a table. Two blanks are placed together, and a child lays their hand upon them to safeguard these in case of emergency.

You now ask what kind of a hat magicians wear and if someone doesn’t call out, “A top hat!” you do so yourself.

You next ask, “What comes out of a magician’s top hat?” the answer is a rabbit so with the four blank cards left you intend to produce both top hats & rabbit pictures on the cards. The children utter your magic words. Unfortunately, one by one you only manage to produce top hats, whatever happened to the rabbits?

Eventually when the two blank emergency cards under the child’s hand are checked there, they are; four cute rabbits each playing a musical instrument – they have been doing their music lessons & in the event of a birthday child they play Happy Birthday To You, so everyone joins in!

If it is not a birthday then you ask, “Have you heard of The Beatles? well please meet their new rivals - The Bunnies!” No sleight of hand or funny moves are involved, all the cards can be examined at the finish. Very easy to do.

Comes complete with laminated picture cards about the size of Poker playing cards & instructions.

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