Adair's Picasso's Premonition

Adair's Picasso's Premonition

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The ever-so-popular comedy item 'The Baby Gag' has been featured by leading magicians past and present such as Ken Brooke, Tony King, Johnny Geddes and many, many more.

The outfit originally sold had no magic attached to the presentation, although the simple quick routine never failed to receive lots of laughter from audiences.

Adair now offers his version, it’s different; it’s got an added magical climax – in fact there’s two climaxes in the
complete presentation.

You display a stiff envelope. Inside it you explain is a painting, a reproduction of a famous work by a well-known artist. You further mention that it’s an abstract. The envelope is placed upright on full view throughout your presentation.

You now ask someone to think a a famous film star let us say the spectator is thinking of John Wayne. The same spectator is now asked to select a playing card from a deck, but not to reveal it at this stage. Let’s say the card is the King of Diamonds. You have another choice of card if you wish.

Picking up the envelope you say, “Inside this envelope is a reproduction of a masterpiece painted by a very well-known artist. He was renowned for his many abstract and unusual paintings, many of which have been auctioned for millions of pounds. The famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso and here is his study of John Wayne!”

The audience bursts out laughing since the portrait, as all Picasso’s works, is unrecognisable.

As the laughter dies down you go on to say, “I have another lost painting of Picasso’s. It’s his single painting of a playing a card.” The picture card is reversed to display an abstract (yet recognisable!) painting of the chosen card the King of Diamonds!

Comes with two professional cards (approx 7.75 x 5.5”, 20 x 13.5cm), stiff coloured cardboard envelope, routine & instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards.

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