Nutty Prediction

Nutty Prediction

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This hilarious effect has good situation comedy and tremendous appeal that will slot anywhere into your act guaranteeing laughter & applause!

You show a printed laminated jumbo card with a list of fruit & vegetables together with their prices per kilogram i.e. apples, potatoes, lemons and so forth, each item on the list is numbered starting from number one.

You wish to have a number chosen by chance and so allow two spectators without leaving their seats to call out numbers (no force or switching involved) which are then added together and the item at that number in the list is noted by everyone, let’s say it is Nuts at £5.00.

You now claim that on the back of the card is your prediction of this selection and turn it over to show a barcode which you claim represents Nuts at £5.00 per kg.

Of course, everyone thinks it’s all a gag until you say, “If you think I am nuts then nuts to you!” and the card drops open to double its size displaying a giant picture of nuts!

If you need to repeat the effect to the same audience, we also supply Nutty Prediction using a different number and predicting Carrots, so that you can change the routine as and when you like.

Comes with two laminated jumbo-sized hinged folders (approx 7.75 x 5.5", 19.5 x 14cm when closed) & instructions.

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