Snow Drift

Snow Drift

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Loosely based on our effect Snow Monster, Snow Drift is an unusual close-up card trick with a surprise climax!

A few blank playing cards are shown front and back as you explain being snow white their true values cannot be seen as they are printed with a special invisible ink.

The cards are individually placed in a straight row upon a table. Two of them are then put together and a spectator lays his hands on them to keep them safe.

A playing card is now selected from your regular deck and you claim that by breathing on a blank card the invisible ink will magically develop and so become a match for the selected card.

Taking each blank card in turn you breathe on them and then show a card’s face has magically appeared each time, but they are NOT a match for the selected card.

After four failed attempts, the spectator takes his hand off his two isolated blank cards, only to find that the heat of his hand has developed one of them into a full card face - a perfect duplicate of his selected card!

A novel and easy-to-do close-up card effect. The cards can be left for examination at the end. The selected card can be changed for repeat performances.

Comes complete with the special set of Poker sized blank cards & instructions.

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