Adair's The Question Is ...

Adair's The Question Is ...

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You display two cardboard panels, both identical in size. When arranged on top of each other the audience clearly see a large bold question mark (?) printed on the top panel.

But when this top card is removed the audience realise that the big dot under the hooked question mark is really a cut-out. All sides of both panels are shown, the insides being jet black.

You state that the panels will act as your prediction &

they are put on top of each other and kept in full view. They are rearranged so the question mark is once again complete. Two elastic bands secure both panels together.

A spectator selects a card from a deck, the value and suit of which being noted.
When the question mark panels are reversed printed within the cut-out hole is the name of the spectator's chosen card!

Can be a different card for your next presentation, practically self-working and easy to do.

Comes with the special panels (approx 4.5 x 2.75", 11.5 x 7.25cm), quality black envelope into which the panels can be kept, elastic bands & instructions. Use your own deck of playing cards.

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