Monkey Face Camera - GIANT A4 size

Monkey Face Camera - GIANT A4 size

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When it’s laughter you’re after! Monkey Face is one of our favourite comedy items, this new version has an additional hilarious finish & packs flat at the bottom of your show bag ready to perform.

You show two plaques on all four sides; each side shows a picture of a camera and you explain these are a new kind of two-faced camera.

The two plaques are now put together and your young participant touches his nose on the lens, with the camera concealing his face from the rest of the audience.

There follows lots of audience participation, counting down etc. The camera plates are shaken and – nothing has happened!

More counting down by the audience and this time when the plaques are separated a comical-looking chimp has appeared and since this is in front of the boy’s face like a mask it looks very funny indeed.

Now you propose to take a second picture this time of the audience and following all the above amusing procedures the camera produces a second picture of a group of monkey faces bringing the effect to a fun hysterical finish!

The pictures appear on one of the picture boards and underneath the laminate and cannot be erased. Immediately the plagues can be passed out for examination and they will find nothing that gives a clue to how they work. This hilarious routine is presented in such a way that no child is made to look silly or feel embarrassed. Available in two sizes A5 for smaller groups and A4 for larger audiences.

Comes complete with professionally printed GIANT A4 sized camera plaques, routine & instructions.

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