Happy Birthday Cake ... and a Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday Cake ... and a Merry Christmas!

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A fun audience-participation effect for children’s birthday & Christmas parties!

You show two A4 size laminated pictures, one of a large attractive Birthday Cake and the other a bunch of colourful Balloons, during the course of the routine the two pictures magically change places to the bewilderment of your audience who can never guess which is which.

Just when your audience think they are getting the hang of it, the picture cards magically drop open to show a giant banner with a colourful bunting wishing the birthday child a Happy Birthday! ideal to lead the children into the Happy Birthday song. Alternatively, the banner will say Merry Christmas! for your holiday shows.

This is the perfect opening effect for birthday and Christmas parties, but it can also be performed in any part of your act. Packs flat at the bottom of your briefcase ready to perform & is very easy to do. At this low price this should appeal to every party magician and really is a must-have routine in your shows requiring no complicated set-up.

Comes complete with laminated cards (approx 10.75 x 7.5”, 27.5 x 19cm closed & approx 15 x 10.75”, 38 x 27.5cm when open) & instructions.

Only £17.99

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