Crazy Car Registrations

Crazy Car Registrations

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We have all seen them and some of us even have one – those crazy car registration plates such as H16H 5!

Showing a large A4 size laminated picture of a comical-looking red car, you explain that you cannot yet drive it on the roads as you need to have a crazy number plate for your rather crazy car. The car picture is slipped into a secure card holder where the back of it is in full view at all times.

You show several Crazy Car Registration plates each one printed and laminated. Now the laughter starts as you show them and call them out, registration numbers such as ID10T, C4R 51CK and so forth they really do cause much amusement as you display them one at a time.

Following this, a spectator chooses one of the registration plates in a very fair manner, you explain that magicians register their cars by magic, and the picture is now shown again with the very same chosen number plate has magically appeared permanently printed on your car!

Note: The registration mark can be changed for repeat performances.

Mentalists: This canny routine can also be used as a prediction effect, by positioning the car picture back out and in full view, and then having fun with the number plates as explained; having one chosen and finally showing that the chosen Crazy Car Registration mark is the one on your prediction picture!

Comes with 3 car picture cards (approx 11.5 x 7.75”, 29 x 19.5cm), eight number plates (approx 8 x 2”, 20 x 5cm), switching window holder (11.75 x 8.25”, 29.5 x 21cm) & instructions.

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