Crazy Flying Saucer Compass

Crazy Flying Saucer Compass

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A magical classic with an even better routine, the perfect ending for the ever-popular Crazy Compass trick which most of the top magicians & entertainers have featured over the years like Tommy Cooper, Ken Brookes, Milbourne Christopher & Tony King to name just a few.

You show a large square laminated card with a picture of a big white arrow on a green background, similar to the ones that are used for road markings; one arrow on each side of the card.

At the beginning, both arrows point in the same direction going to the left. However, things start to get confusing when the arrows suddenly start to point in opposite directions, then they are going in the same way but to the right and then again in opposite directions. Just when you think everything is sorted out – the arrows are all running downwards – and to a neat line of patter they suddenly start to run upwards when the compass drops open to double its size to display two flying saucers!

All the above is very mystifying to your audience and when accompanied by our clever comic line of patter it makes a very enjoyable routine for use anywhere in your programme – or perfect as a compere item.

Sold at an incredibly low price for a professional product that you will use again and again, laminated to last you for a lifetime of performances and surprisingly easy to do.

Comes complete with the Comedy Flying Saucer Compass (approx 7.5”, 19cm square), routine & instructions.

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