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You Knows You No! Hilarious audience participation & strong mentalism, directly from Eddie Burke’s own show & released here for the very first time; this exciting exclusive routine has been performed & perfected over 20 years of professional performances and audiences of all ages.

Four spectators are invited forwards, and you show four clown’s sponge noses each of a different colour Red, Yellow, Blue and Green which are dropped into four empty opaque bags. The bags are now freely mixed together by the participants and then each person selects one, no force, spelling or anything similar is used.

Your spectators place their hand inside the bags and remove the noses, sight unseen in their clenched fists, so no one, including you, can possibly know which colour each of them has concealed in their hand.

During the hilarious routine that follows you correctly reveal the exact colour of the nose they are holding; handing out to each person a white card with a picture of a different coloured ‘nose’, requesting them to turn their backs and push their concealed nose onto their own nose and holding their coloured “nose indicator card” face out on their chest.

At your signal they all face the audience to show that the nose they are wearing exactly matches the colour of the indicator nose on their card, bringing about your wonderful visual, applause-pulling and entertaining climax!

The secret method explained is very easy to do and absolutely trouble-proof in performance.

Comes complete with four coloured sponge clown noses, four bags, four laminated cards (approx 5.75 x 4", 14.5 x 10cm )each with a matching colour to the noses & instructions.

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