Ghostly Linking Ropes

Ghostly Linking Ropes

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Properly explained by Eddie Burke, this little-known secret method of magically linking the isolated centres of two different coloured ropes has been in his files for over 60 years!

Two contrasting coloured ropes are handed to your spectators for examination, they will find no magnets, secret threads, press-studs, extra pieces, wax or sticky stuff as they really are two completely unfaked ropes.

The centres of both ropes are placed one on each of your shoulders with the four ends hanging down your back and you turn around just for a moment then raise both ropes above your head.

Incredibly the centres of both ropes have now become almost immediately linked one inside the other and the four ends of the ropes have never left the audience’s sight for a moment!

Psychic power? Spiritualism? Awesome illusion? Ghostly influence? No rational explanation seems possible. The ropes still linked together can immediately be passed out for examination by your audience.

Repeat it again? – certainly, even with borrowed ropes or lengths of chain!

This is an easy-to-do reputation-maker, used by mediums & mystics in the past to great effect, it has become mostly forgotten by today’s modern mystery entertainers which is a pity as it’s a stunning way to demonstrate your special magical powers. Highly recommended.

Comes with two lengths of soft rope in contrasting colours & illustrated instructions.

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