Chinese Prediction

Chinese Prediction

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Using simple props, you create a great comedy situation with a participant from your audience!

Showing a large envelope in which, you claim, is a prediction sent to you by a magical friend who lives in China, it is left in full view. A spectator is now invited forwards and chooses a playing card from your regular deck, slipping it sight unseen into his pocket.

Claiming that your Chinese friend has correctly named the concealed card you take the prediction card from the envelope asking the spectator to read it out loud to the audience, unfortunately he cannot understand it no matter which way up you turn it for it is written in Chinese letters; after all you did say it had come from China.

Surprised that your spectator cannot read the Chinese symbols on the card as any child of five could do – in China, you claim any member of the audience can easily translate it into English and you allow the spectator to point out anyone in your audience, perhaps even a small child and you show them the Chinese prediction when immediately they name a playing card let’s say the “Two of Diamonds”

Your spectator removes the card from his pocket to reveal it is the named card the Two of Diamonds!

The card can be changed to another one for repeat shows. This is a great gag item and a certain big laugh in your show; it would be unfair to other purchasers to reveal it, so we will say no more except to ask you to take our word for it – it’s hilarious comedy and audience participation.

Comes with two A5 size Chinese predictions, envelope & instructions. Use your own playing cards.

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