Adair's Fu Ling's Chinese Puzzle

Adair's Fu Ling's Chinese Puzzle

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More than a puzzle, here's a real fooler! Adair's fantastic version of 'Paradox'. It's a real talking point and it's always ready!

You explain that you are about to demonstrate a Chinese puzzle, one invented by a Chinese magician called Fu Ling Yu.

You display a large cardboard plaque which is made up of four individual pieces, forming a sort of jigsaw. The oblong is complete and displays the image of a large Chinese motif against a patterned background.

The four jigsaw pieces (nothing added or taken away) are reversed so the opposite sides form an image of the Chinese magician himself.

The plaque looks the same size and the picture of Fu Ling Yu is on view but his centre piece is missing; there is a huge gap. Could there be a missing piece of the jigsaw? Wait a minute only four jigsaw pieces have been used.

From a small brown envelope which has been in full view since the start, you remove a mysterious fifth jigsaw piece which fits exactly into the space so that the picture of Fu Ling Yu is 100% complete!

Packs flat, no resetting and great for close-up or platform shows. So easy to do. Here's a puzzle no one will be able to solve, except Mr Yu himself.

Comes with the specially printed and crafted jigsaw card on good quality stock (approx 8 x 5", 20.5 x 12.5cm when assembled), two envelopes one large and one small & instructions.

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