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A stunning stand-up effect with jumbo A5 sized ESP cards, perfect for cabaret, club, parlour, stage & TV as you don’t need a table and your spectator can remain seated. Great as an opener!

You display five blue-backed jumbo cards each with a different ESP symbol; Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square and Star plus one undisclosed red-backed sign that you explain has come from another set, which you tuck under your jacket lapel or some such convenient place in full view of the audience. This card you explain, is your prediction.

Without leaving their seat in the audience anyone freely names (no force) one of the symbols, changing their mind as often as they wish.

The selected sign is now compared with your red-backed prediction symbol and incredibly proves to be an exact match!

A fast and direct ESP trick which fools everyone; members of the public, other magicians and mentalists alike.

*Only six jumbo A5 ESP cards are used - no extras
*Can be repeated with a different selection each time
*No skill or sleight of hand necessary
*Simple, clever, honest and intriguing mentalism
*An awesome winning effect all ready to perform!

Comes complete with six plastic coated jumbo ESP cards & instructions.

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