BMS Vanished Banknote to Envelope

BMS Vanished Banknote to Envelope

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This clever entertaining effect has been in my repertoire for over 70 years!

You show an envelope to be empty, you seal it and have a spectator sign their name across the envelope and then sit upon it.

A note is borrowed from a member of your audience and the last three digits from the serial number are called out loud for everyone to hear. The banknote is now caused to vanish or apparently burned.

The signed and sealed envelope is cut open (no switch) and miraculously a note is discovered inside and when a spectator checks the last three digits it proves to be the missing banknote!

Despite the simplicity of working this has proven to be an outstanding mystery.
Please note the following:
*Regular envelopes are used available from any stationers
*Ordinary notes of any domination or country can be employed
*You can perform your favourite sleight for the vanish, but we explain several non-sleight but very effective alternative methods.
*Requires no skill save that of presentation.
*Resets in a moment
*Don’t be put off by the low cost - this is a winner!

Comes with sample envelopes to get you started & instructions.

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