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You explain to your audience that you have not always been a professional magician but used to have the job of painting arrows on the roads to indicate the direction that the traffic should flow!

As you speak, you show three cards each with arrows running up and down, unfortunately, your boss told you that you were missing the side roads running left to right. No problem, as an amateur magician you could soon put things right and saying the magic words, “Abracadabra” you now show that all the arrows on the three cards have now mysteriously changed and are now going from left to right.

Still that interfering boss wasn’t satisfied, he wanted arrows going every-which-way-you-can, so uttering again the magic word “Abracadabra” you had a single arrow pointing up and down in opposite directions! “The trouble was that motorists got confused; one zoomed up a tree, another dropped down a manhole and a lady got knocked over by a milk float and to top it all I got the sack and so became a full-time magician and that is why the roads are now jam-packed with heavy traffic all the time as some arrows run this way, other arrows run that way and some drivers haven’t a clue where they are going!”

This is an unusual and clever close-up mystery using just three arrow cards (no extras) that can be carried in your pocket ready to perform anytime. The cards are laminated to give you and your audiences many years of trouble-free, amusing and entertaining magic, with what will always be up-to-date patter for years to come. You will learn Arrows after about 20 minutes or so of handling practice.

This is NOT based on the comedy compass effect.

Comes complete with laminated arrow cards (approx 3.5 x 2.75”, 9 x 7cm) & illustrated instructions.

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