Animal Choice

Animal Choice

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A number of laminated pictures of different animals are shown and given out for examination. A spectator thoroughly shuffles them, simply thinks of any one of them (no force) and then the cards are mixed together once again.

After due deliberation, you accurately pick out or name the very animal simply being thought of! Can be repeated any number of times and we give you six different presentations using these cards, all of which without the audience having a clue to how you do it other than genuinely reading their minds.

Please remember:
*The cards are thoroughly shuffled by the spectator.
*Spectator simply THINKS of an animal without removing their choice from amongst the others.
*No special set-up or pre-arrangement involved.
*No force or restrictions just a free mental choice.
*The cards are not marked in any way.
*No memory or complicated calculations required.
*A one-person presentation - always ready to perform.
*Participant doesn’t name the animal until you have revealed it.
*No stooges, signals or codes & nothing written down.
*Surprisingly easy to do.

Comes complete with laminated animal cards (approx 2.5 x 4”) & instructions.

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