Truth, Lies or Both

Truth, Lies or Both

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Ideal for stage, cabaret or table-hopping, using several jumbo-sized playing cards this is a compelling effect in which your discover if your spectator is telling the truth, telling lies or a combination of both!

The jumbo cards are shuffled by your spectator who then takes one and commits its name to memory before it is replaced back amongst the others in the packet.

Your participant is then given the opportunity to be truthful, lie or a mixture of both, as to the value and suit of his freely chosen card.

You spell out his answers one by one, and regardless of what he claims, incredibly the next card is always his!

Up until the very revelation of their freely chosen card you have no idea which they have selected yet with this clever method all is correctly revealed.

An entertaining and intriguing trick that can be repeated again and again with a different freely chosen card, yet always culminating on a positive revelation despite the spectators’ varied answers to your questions.

No sleight of hand or secret handling is used and so it is easy to do.

Comes complete with jumbo-sized playing cards & instructions.

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