The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour

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The Witching Hour is a mystical time when supernatural events are said to take place.

You show several playing cards which all have different colourful designs on their backs, and your prediction inside a small envelope is positioned in full view upon the table or given for safe-keeping to a spectator who slips it in to his pocket.

Another spectator is asked to visualise the face of a clock and mentally select one of the hours, then take that many cards and hide them in her pocket or handbag whilst your back is turned.

From the remaining cards you form a clock face of twelve, explaining this is known as a Witches’ Timepiece. The lady now reveals her thought of hour, removes the relevant card from the clock’s face & places it in the centre.

Anyone opens your small prediction envelope to discover a single playing card which proves to have a duplicate back design of the chosen one, and you now show they are the only two cards in the packet with the same back.

Slowly turning both cards over they incredibly have faces that match in colour & value, finally, all the rest of the cards are turned face upwards and these prove to also have matching faces but totally different from the chosen and predicted ones - your spectator has selected the only card in the spread that is a duplicate value both back-and-front to your prediction!

No stooges or sleight of hand is involved. No rough & smooth or Svengali principles are used. The cards can be left for examination. Easy to do yet guaranteed to mystify and amaze your audience. Present it as a spooky effect perfect for Halloween or more light-hearted just as you prefer.

Comes complete with colourfully-backed playing cards & instructions.

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