Animal Hippity-Hop

Animal Hippity-Hop

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Here is a great prediction effect with a charming routine suitable for all ages!

Positioning a prediction bag in full view of your audience, you then lay out in three rows nine comical-looking cartoon creatures and a spectator plays Hippity-Hop jumping a coin from one animal to another while your back is turned.

At the end of each hop and although you cannot see where the coin has landed, you name a creature for the spectator to remove which the coin did NOT land upon, telling him to take away that animal.

The game is continued until just one creature is left in play, let’s say it is the Giraffe, when your prediction bag, which you have not touched, is opened by any spectator incredibly it contains your correct prediction of the one remaining animal plus a small prize such as a bar of chocolate for the participant!

Almost self-working this trick is easy to do requiring no practice or sleight of hand.

Comes with laminated animal picture cards about the size of poker playing cards, Hippity-Hop Chart, bag, prediction & instructions. Use your own chocolate bar or other small prize.

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