Lost in Space

Lost in Space

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An unusual effect suitable for all ages. Our intrepid astronaut is lost in outer space, can your audience find him before aliens exterminate him?

Several laminated picture cards are displayed each with a different planet of our solar system upon them as you explain that an astronaut has gone missing and is likely to be stranded somewhere in outer space.

Your participating spectator picks a planet by chance, then all the others are turned over to show that each has a different colourful cartoon alien upon it but no sign of our hapless spaceman.

Finally, the picture of the chosen planet is revealed and to the whole world’s relief it proves to be our hero, the missing astronaut, safe and sound!

Can be repeated with the lost spaceman found on yet a different planet making the effect out of this world for table-hopping and similar events.

Everyone from small children to senior citizens will understand the simple plot and join in all the fun. No skill or sleight of hand is involved uses easy to do classic magical methods. The perfect pocket trick at a pocket money price.

Comes complete with nine laminated picture cards (approx 4 x 3", 9.75 x 7.5cm) & instructions.

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