Find the Princess - jumbo Size

Find the Princess - jumbo Size

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Find the Lady is a classic of magic using playing cards and sleight of hand but with our baffling method no sleights of any kind are required & only three picture cards are used. Can be performed in the manner of the old racecourse swindle. It is suitable for all ages.

You show three picture cards depicting three ladies; two of which are drawings of senior citizens and the third a pretty young girl that you claim is a real Princess. The idea is for your spectators to, “Find the Princess!” Despite their efforts they are always unsuccessful.

There is great potential for comedy and fun in this situation. The participant from your audience can be given money at the commencement of the routine and encouraged to bet on his ability to locate the shy Princess. Needless to say, he loses the lot!

The effect can be presented for children as Cinderella with her two not so attractive sisters and the children have to find her so she can marry the handsome prince, unfortunately, she is very shy so you instruct the children to say your magic word after which she can easily be found bringing this charming routine to an applause pulling climax!

No palming or false moves, easy to do. The secret is in the laminated cards that we supply – you will love it and use it often

Comes with jumbo sized picture card (approx 7.5 x 5.5”, 19 x 14cm) & instructions.

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