Chocolate Break - Jumbo Model

Chocolate Break - Jumbo Model

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Chocolate Break is a super version of our popular item LEMONADE and your spectator receives a delicious surprise chocolate gift!

Three cards are shown with pictures of various confectionary on each; KitKat, Butterfinger, and M&M's.

Your spectator picks one card for herself, one for you and one to put into a bag. The prediction card which has been in full view since the start is turned over and correctly reveals all three selections!

A really fantastic prediction effect with a terrific method and its new climax will knock even magicians who have seen everything clean off their feet in total bewilderment.

Very easy to do, everything can be examined & resets in a moment.

Only one prediction is used and is always correct, however your prediction can be changed for repeat performances making it ideal for table-hopping.

Available in two sizes A5 sized cards suitable for stage, cabaret & parlour, and handy close-up A6 size.

Comes with laminated picture cards, bag & instructions. Use your own chocolate gift.

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