Chinese Masked Magician

Chinese Masked Magician

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Based on our popular comedy item ‘Eyes of the Mystic’ this will put both mystery and laughter into your magic or mentalism act!

You show a laminated A4 sized plaque of a Chinese mask with the eyes cut out – claiming that it belongs to the Chinese version of the Masked Magician, and when you look through the mask’s eyeholes you can magically see into the minds of others.

To prove your words, several playing cards are chosen by various members of the audience and hidden in their pockets. By looking through the eyes of the mask you are able to accurately reveal the chosen cards to the utter astonishment of the participants, but the audience are not convinced that looking through the eyes of the mask is actually how you are reading their minds.

One more playing card is selected and this time you explain that on the back of the mask is a prediction of that very card, asking someone in the audience to read it out. Unfortunately, they can’t, as it is written in Chinese. Just as everyone thinks it’s all just a gag the plaque unfolds to double its size displaying a giant replica of the chosen card & a picture of a pair of clapping hands cueing the audience to applaud!

This splendid item can be performed as tongue-in-cheek mindreading without your audience having a clue as to how you knew the names of the chosen playing cards plus with an added comedy climax which will knock them for six. Easy to do.

Comes with A4 sized laminated Chinese mask & instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards.

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