Double or Quits

Double or Quits

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The perfect icebreaker.

You show an envelope containing your prediction leaving it in full view and have two playing cards selected from your deck, explaining that you are playing the prediction game, “Double or quits” so your predictions will be double in value of the cards selected by the two participants.

The first spectator calls out the value of his card as, “The four of diamonds”, calling out, “Double or quits!” you remove a large card from your envelope showing the Eight of Diamonds claiming one point to yourself.

The second participant calls out her card, “The seven of diamonds” and you reply, “Everyone knows a mistake has been made as there is no such card as the fourteen of diamonds – but if there were it would probably look like this!”

Turning over the card in your hand you reveal a giant A5 sized Fourteen of Diamonds printed on the opposite side – a certain mirth-maker as you again call out laughingly, “Double or quits!”

Double or Quits also explains a good method to force the two cards from you own pack to guarantee the laughter that this always creates so breaking the ice with even the hardest of audiences.

Comes with the special Double or Quits laminated jumbo card (approx 8 x 5.5”, 20 x 14cms), envelope & instructions.

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