Stiff Rope - White Thick

Stiff Rope - White Thick

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The magic rope that becomes rigid at your command.

You display a piece of white rope about 39 inches long. The rope is coiled over your hand to prove it is just an ordinary length of rope.

Now you stretch the rope between your hands horizontally, and pretend to hypnotise the rope.

One hand is now released and the rope stands rigid like a stick. You merely blow on the rope and it falls down limp once again!

This is the quality thick long rope as used by professionals worldwide not to be confused with cheaper versions.

With the first few sold you will also receive instructions for Ken Brooke's ' Invisible Dog routine' that he kindly taught to me & that I used as a prelude for the popular 'Invisible deck routine"

Comes complete with quality thick rope (approx 39.5", 100cms long) & illustrated instructions plus the Ken Brooke routine.

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