Jumbo Mental Bomb

Jumbo Mental Bomb

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You show a packet of jumbo-sized playing cards which are then shuffled and divided between two spectators each of whom mix their own packet of cards and pick one card for themselves, no force.

The chosen card is then thoroughly mixed in among the pack held by the other spectator and then both swap their respective packets with each other.

Fanning one packet so that the spectator can see his card among all the others, you appear to read his mind and pick out from the fan the very card he is merely concentrating on.

Following the success of reading the first participant’s mind, you request the second volunteer to call out the cards in her hand one-by-one, explaining that her voice will in some manner give away the card she is thinking of.

Then you take all her cards from her, remove one and hold its face against your chest. The lady names her thought of card out loud and you reveal the card you are holding to your chest as the self-same card your spectator has just named!

Please note the following:
•Surprisingly easy to do; you will learn it in minutes.
•The cards are not marked and may be examined before and after.
•No stooges or anything similar is used.
•You can also perform this close-up with an ordinary deck of cards.

Comes with sixteen jumbo sized playing cards & instructions.

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