Mini Tower Prediction

Mini Tower Prediction

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Twenty years ago Quique Marduk created the Castle Prediction trick, it was out of stock for quite a number of years, now he has introduced a new & improved version called The Mini Tower Prediction.

You show a sealed envelope with your prediction within. A spectator selects a card, let's say it is the Queen of Hearts, you open your prediction envelope and there is a jumbo card but its not the Queen.

Suddenly the card changes into a 16" tall card tower, the selected card is still not there, then you turn the tower around and your audience sees a jumbo Queen of Hearts printed upon it!

Packs flat, plays BIG and can be performed as a comedy effect too. Easy to do.

Comes with prediction envelope, quality Bicycle cards Mini Tower (approx 16", 40.5cms high when opened) & instructions.

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